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What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? - Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds
For helpful videos about the cannabis industry, from home-growing to medicinal use, subscribe to our channel! Learn more about Feminized Seeds. At Growers Choice, we grow better! Bringing you the best cannabis seeds, with the highest germination rate promise in the industry, at Growers Choice we offer feminized seeds, with some auto-flowering and medical (high CBD) strains as well. More than just a retail store, Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is proud to be a holistic lifestyle brand. We provide our customers with helpful information about growing and caring for plants, and the myriad medical benefits of using cannabis. Our weekly blog posts touch on interesting topics relating to the industry, and healthy living in general. To learn more about Growers Choice, and to browse our great selection of seeds, visit the Growers Choice blog: --- Video Transcript Hi! Thanks for checking out the Get Growing series, sponsored by Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Today we’re going to talk about feminized seeds. Now, Growers Choice sells only feminized cannabis seeds, and as cannabis gardeners ourselves, we can speak to the great qualities of these special seeds, which save you a step or two in the growing process, and can even save your entire crop from ruin. First, a bit of background on cannabis gender: As you know, flora - like humans - have male and female plants or parts and - like humans - the male plants can fertilize the females. While this is a great thing for the Circle of Life, it’s not such good news for your cannabis crop. You see, female cannabis plants are the ones who create bud (males do not), and if your female plant is pollinated by a male plant, your potential flower harvest is basically kaput. As if Mother Nature knew how many wonderful medical qualities this unique plant would have, she built in a neat little failsafe: if a female cannabis plant is exceedingly stressed, or if it can tell that there are no viable male plants nearby, it can develop the ability to self-pollinate, in order to preserve its line. It is this nifty little skill that makes cannabis perfectly suited to the feminization process. What is a feminized seed, you may wonder: If a female plant ends up pollinating or fertilizing itself, there is a 99 percent chance all the seeds produced from this union will be female. The reason is pretty straight-forward: no male interaction equals no X chromosomes that might result in male plants! “Feminized seeds” are cannabis seeds harvested exclusively from female plants that have created their own seeds. And that’s all that will ever be in your Growers Choice medical-grade glass vial! So, why should you buy feminized seeds? When you’re growing cannabis, you have a lot of factors to worry about. You need to make sure your plants germinate, get enough (but not too much) water and nutrients, receive the right amount of light and darkness, and don’t get too cold or too dry. The last thing you need is one more vital point to add to the list. If you plant regular cannabis seeds, you’ll have to learn to identify male plants at an early stage. You have to watch your crop closely, and weed out the males before they grow old enough to pollinate your female plants. Problem number one: If you miss a male plant, it could end up fertilizing your whole crop, and all your bud could go to seed. That’s bad. Problem number two: You have to plant about twice as many cannabis seeds than desired plants, because there’s a good chance you’ll end up pulling half of them. This means money spent on seeds you won’t use, and gaps in your grow room that could have been put to better use making home-grown medicine. If you buy feminized seeds, you’re 99% guaranteed to avoid both these problems, and with them a lot of potential stress. You’ll end up with a beautiful crop of big, healthy flowers that can ease a whole host of ailments from a sore neck to seizures! So, guys - if your primary goal is to grow a bunch of all-natural medicine, why would you buy anything but feminized seeds? Thanks for watching this installment of Get Growing with Growers Choice. We hope you found our speedy breakdown of feminized seeds enlightening! Have you used feminized seeds? Tell us about your experience in the comments below! And feel free to post any questions we didn’t touch on in this quick info vid - someone out there will know the answer, and your question could be featured on an upcoming Q and A. Alright! Now get out there and Get Growing!
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Feminized V. Autoflowering V. Regular Seeds
*See Description for helpful seed links!* Today on Lex's World I talk about seeds and the similarities and differences between them. One FAQ question I didn't cover in the video: if a regular seed becomes a female, YES the Cannabis and THC content will be just as good as a feminized seed of the same strain. The only differences in THC level, as discussed in the video, are between autoflowering and fem/reg seeds of the same strain. Whether you order seeds through the below e-mail or not, my advice is to buy seeds online; the seeds at the store are no more reliable (often less reliable, if the shop stores them improperly), typically have a lower variety and are often 2-3 times the price of online seeds. My episode on Bagseeds (Seeds found in bud): Germination guide: Cannabis Species Episode: Want a LIVE 1-hr Consultation with me? Check Out my Patreon for more info: My Facebook: Lex’s World Clothing: Learn all about Cannabis Horticulture with the monstrous 596-page Cannabis Encyclopedia: (amazon affiliate) Get a multi-stage grinder AND help support the show. Are you a channel subscriber & hobby grower who needs seeds? Please contact me via e-mail at for seed info. Lex's World Youtube subscribers always get freebie seeds with their order! Due to my show’s topic choice, I can’t use Adsense. If you like what I do, you can help me LOTS just by doing your shopping on Amazon through the applicable URL below (They sell grow gear too, often at the best prices!): American viewers: Canadian viewers:
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How to Make Feminized Seeds
Secrets of the Pink Kush: How to Make Feminized Seeds - Medical Marijuana by Billy Budd (William H. Bradshaw) Become a Master Grower: If you want to win the Cannabis Cup or produce superior cannabis then you must understand polyploids. This is the only book in the world that can provide that information. Read the book or be left in the dark...NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT. Secrets of the Pink Kush Partial Video Transcript ==================== The information in this video and/or transcript can be found in my book Secrets of the Pink Kush by William H. Bradshaw and is available in hard copy or e-book on Please be advised that the book may be banned from some book stores in some countries due to the many secrets and/or content revealed in this three volume textbook for advanced students wishing to become Master Growers. This video describes the general processes for creating cannabis seeds that will be predominantly female. I will provide two methods for creating feminized cannabis seeds, one artificial and one natural. How to Create Feminized Marijuana Seeds: Feminized seeds are created artificially by brushing colloidal silver on the females or naturally by using ethylene. The artificial method creates pollen that will only produce females. These females will not be as strong as a natural seed and will become hermaphroditic easily. This means lower quality crop and possibility of disaster - your entire crop seeded by a hermaphrodite. I would never run a crop using feminized seeds unless they were feminized naturally. I just do not believe in low quality feminized seeds and prefer regular seed stock. Creating Colloidal Silver for Artificially Feminizing Seeds: • EXTREME WARNING: Colloidal silver is not to be taken internally. This is for application to plants, not humans. • Definition: Colloidal silver is a suspension of microscopic particles of silver held usually in water. Put a 99.99% silver bar into a glass beaker. • Put two electrodes using alligator clips onto the bar of silver. • Hook up electrodes to an energy source like a 12 volt battery. • Fill the glass beaker up with distilled water. • Apply the current to the electrodes, positive and negative such that the current will run through the silver bar and thus create a mixture of colloidal silver. • The colloidal silver is ready when the water begins to turn milky. • Remove the electrodes. • Transfer the colloidal silver to glass bottle that can be easily opened and sealed for use and re-use. • Use a clean paint brush or eye dropper and apply the colloidal silver to the nodes of your female plant. • Repeat this process on a daily basis until male pollen sacs develop. • After a period of growth, the male pollen sacs will fully develop and begin to open and then drop pollen. • Collect the pollen and then apply the pollen to the same plant for selfed seeds S1 or to another plant of the same species for reversed seeds R1 or to an entirely different female plant. • All of the seeds that develop will be predominantly female. One disadvantage to this method is that the resulting female plants will have the propensity to hermaphrodite quite easily. Extra care must be taken to ensure that this does not occur. Method for Naturally Feminizing Seeds: After a lot of research I have come up with the following procedures should result in a very high ratio of females using regular seed stock. Ethylene is an organic alkene compound found naturally in plant hormones. It inhibits growth, promotes leaf fall and ripening of the fruit. Ethylene can be used as a natural method to promote female progeny. Pre-Germination: Soak Seeds with Sensi Soak or similar product for 27 hours - allows ethylene acid to penetrate seeds OR Use banana peels/apples inside a jar with seeds wrapped in paper towel for 2 weeks. Open lid every day for a few seconds. Do not allow any moisture to build up. Replace banana peels/apples as required. Germinate Seeds: • 2 plates - use hot plate or heat pad, place thermometer with seeds, 2 plates, 3 thick paper towels, allow air to flow inside plates, no light on seeds • 78 degrees inside the plates (check thermometer before placing seeds within plates) • 72 degrees outside air • Allow air to flow into 2 plates but no light • Do not use anything but distilled water • Do not let paper towels dry out Seeds should germinate within 7 days. If they do not sprout within a week then remove as they may sprout later but will be probably be males.......
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