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One sentence summary of this video: Harvest when you see a lot of brown on your plant where you used to see just white...and don't wait until it all goes 100% dark brown.

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Wondering the right time to starting harvesting your Marijuana Plants? When are they ready? Today on Lex’s World I show you two ways to tell: the visual method…and the equipment method. The equipment method is preferred and involves either a 30 times magnifier or a 100 times microscope. You need to look at the trichomes under your microscope or magnifying tool and see what stage of life they are at. They go through several distinct stages: they start out clear, turn cloudy, then turn bright amber, and then darken and turn brown….finally they start to slouch and degrade. Your goal is to find a mix of cloudy and amber/brown trichomes. You can play around with this timing to affect what type of high the plant gives you, but you won’t be able to overrule the genetics of the plant.

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